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Definitions of carbon:

part of speech: noun

A non- metallic element, the constituent of atmosphere, coal, charcoal, diamond and graphite.

part of speech: noun

A non- metallic tetrad element, symbol C, atomic weight 12. It occurs in two forms; the diamond and graphite, and also occurs in impure form in charcoal, coke, and soot. It is found in all living tissues, and the study of its vast number of compounds constitutes organic chemistry.

Usage examples for carbon:

  • It contains carbon and other materials, which altogether cause it to burn with a flame. "The Chemical History Of A Candle", Michael Faraday
  • The carbon which forms over half of the plant substance is gathered from the air by the leaves and it is evident that the leaves are very active agents of plant growth. "Dry-Farming", John A. Widtsoe

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