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Definitions of constructive:

part of speech: adjective

Building up, relating to anabolism, anabolic.

Usage examples for constructive:

  • She was at least seeking a vital and constructive interpretation and doubtless her observations, confused as they are, have been for her followers a real way out of a real difficulty. "Modern Religious Cults and Movements", Gaius Glenn Atkins
  • As it is, these principles have wrought great and perhaps lasting mischief which, in the righteous glow of self- congratulation upon what we are accustomed to call our constructive political genius, we are too apt to overlook. "The Framework of Home Rule", Erskine Childers
  • It is seen in kindergarten methods when a child is led from mere meaningless playing with toys to constructive manipulation of blocks, tools, etc. "Principles of Teaching", Adam S. Bennion

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