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Definitions of fluctuation:

part of speech: noun

Undulating motion; changeable.

part of speech: noun

1. A wave- like motion felt on palpating a cavity with non- rigid walls, like the abdomen, when containing fluid. 2. In the science of heredity any variation which is not inherited.

Usage examples for fluctuation:

  • Support to that view may also be drawn from the last words of the clause giving congress the unrestricted power to regulate the value of foreign coin, as it would be difficult if not impossible to give full effect to the standard of value prescribed by the constitution, in times of fluctuation if the circulating medium could be supplied by foreign coins not subject to any congressional regulation as to their value. "Monopolies and the People", D. C. Cloud
  • There is the same kind of fluctuation in his aspect towards social questions and duties. "Impressions of Theophrastus Such", George Eliot

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