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Definitions of mixture:

part of speech: noun

A compound.

part of speech: noun

1. A mutual incorporation of two or more substances, without chemical union, the physical characteristics of each of the components being retained. A mechanical m. is a m. of particles or masses distinguishable as such under the microscope or in other ways; a physical m. is a more intimate m. of molecules as obtains in the case of gases and many solutions. 2. In chemistry a mingling together of two or more substances without the occurrence of a reaction by which they would lose their individual properties. 3. In pharmacy, see mistura.

Usage examples for mixture:

  • There was only one day- school in Cowfold, and his mother objected to the " mixture "The Revolution in Tanner's Lane", Mark Rutherford
  • The mixture of the two together makes a splendid food for a baby. "Advice to a Mother on the Management of her Children", Pye Henry Chavasse
  • Lucetta put her lips to the mixture and made a face of disgust. "Stranded in Arcady", Francis Lynde

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