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Definitions of mercury:

part of speech: noun

Hydrargyrum; a metal used in medicine.

Usage examples for mercury:

  • Hence in March, though the snow may be still deep on the surface and the mercury in the glass fall well toward zero at night, the fires are started in the maple sugar camps and the pails hung to the trees. "Old Plymouth Trails", Winthrop Packard
  • The mercury in the tube will be found to fall a short distance, and if the height of the column from the surface of the mercury in the basin be measured you will find it will be about 30 inches. "The Mastery of the Air", William J. Claxton
  • You know with what care it is necessary to carry such a vessel of mercury as we have here, for fear of turning it over on one side or the other; but if it be a vessel of melted platinum, the very greatest care must be used, because the substance is twice as heavy: yet no injury has been done to any of the workmen in this operation. "The Chemical History Of A Candle", Michael Faraday

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