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Definitions of muscle:

part of speech: noun

muscular strength

part of speech: noun

One of the contractile organs of the body by which the movements of the various organs and parts are effected. The typical muscle is a mass of fleshy tissue ( venter or belly), attached at each extremity, by means of a tendon, to a bone or other structure; the narrowing part of the belly which is attached to the tendon of origin or insertion is called the caput or head; the points of attachment of a muscle are called its origin and insertion, the attachment to the more movable part of the skeleton or to the part which is moved by contraction of the muscle being the insertion, the other the origin. The individual muscles are defined under musculus.

part of speech: noun

Fibrous bundles of flesh by which movements of the body are accomplished.

Usage examples for muscle:

  • And it is on such fields of open encounter for the Lord that muscle is made, and the soul goes " from strength to strength," and " from glory to glory." "My Daily Meditation for the Circling Year", John Henry Jowett
  • A friend of mine found an Australian in the trenches in those days, standing in mud nearly to his waist, shivering in his arms and every body muscle leaning back against the trench side, fast asleep. "Letters from France", C. E. W. Bean
  • By sheer force of muscle Mrs. Dodd got it away from him. "At the Sign of the Jack O'Lantern", Myrtle Reed

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